Facilities Use Appl.

This application is offered as a sample of what could be used in the absence of a host church's application.

                                                           FACILITIES USE APPLICATION


The church grounds, facilities and equipment are to serve as an honor to God and a place and provision where all people can be ministered to.


All who use the church grounds, facilities and equipment are asked to enter into this agreement as follows, with the understanding that smoking is not permitted inside the buildings and no alcoholic beverages are permitted within the facilities or on the church grounds.


Individuals/organizations may apply for use of the facilities contingent upon availability.  Applications must be made at least (2) months prior to the requested date and is subject to approval by the Church. A certificate of Insurance, naming the church as additional insured, must be filed with us prior to use of the facility.

Date Submitted:____________________________ Submitted by:____________________________

Name of Individual/Group/Ministry______________________________________________________

Brief Description of Event:____________________________________________________________


Contact Person:_____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Day Phone:__________________________________   Business Phone:_______________________  

Date (s) of Event: __________________________________________________________________

Event Start Time: ______________ Setup Time:_________________ End Time(incl. clean-up)_____

How often will event occur? Once____  Weekly ____ Monthly ____ Quarterly ____ Other ____

Facilities Needed:

Worship Center ___ Multi-use  Room ___ Classroom ___ Portable ___ Nursery ___ Kitchen ___

Estimated # of Participants: ____

Is Event Catered?       Y  N                      Caterer Setup Time: __________

Name of Caterer _____________________________________ Caterer Phone: __________________

Room Setup:

Round Tables# ____ Rectangle Tables # ____ Chairs # ____ Linens _________________________

Technical Setup:  If audio/video equipment is required, trained staff will be scheduled to set up and operate the equipment and will be compensated for their time.


Podium___  Wired Mics #___ Handheld Wireless Mics #___ Lavaliere Wireless Mics # ____

Audio Tape Player ___ CD Player ___ VCR ___ DVD Player ___ Data Projector ___

Overhead Projector ___ TV ___ Projection Screen ___ Audio Hook-up from Computer ___

APPROVAL: __________________________________________

DATE APPROVED: _____________________________________

Please initial:

Department Head ___    Master Calendar___    Facilities Coordinator ___




In order to offset the costs of utilities, maintenance and use of equipment requiring technical skills, fees will be assessed for activities not sponsored by the church. A $    .00 refundable cleaning/security deposit is due at the time of application. The deposit is refunded at the discretion of the facility supervisor and may depend on the extent of clean-up required.


Certain activities may require our church supervision and staffing.  Personnel fees are as follows:


Kitchen Supervision-$

Custodian -$

Sound/Lighting technician -$

Janitorial -$

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