Frequently Asked Questions:
Concerts and events

1. What do the letters WITW stand for?
    A. Washed In The Water

2. Who is WITW?
    A. Volunteers who have a passion for music and helping 

3. What is WITW?
    A. A 501C3 non-profit public benefit charity managed by
        a non-salaried board of directors and employees. 

4. What is WITW's mission?/Why was WITW created?
    A. To facilitate financial support to needy charities and
        awaken communal awareness and concern for those  
        less fortunate.

5. How do you expect to accomplish your mission?
    A. Through benefit concerts and different types of events using 
        auditoriums, parks, community theaters, churches, etc.
    B. All concerts must benefit at least one charity or social cause. 

6. What should I expect to hear and see at a concert?
    A. Contemporary Christian music with melody and lyrics
        you can relate to whether it was 30 years ago or 
        today.  And very appreciative people singing and
        giving thanks.                                                            

7. What type of events are involved?
    A. Conferences; workshops; youth, adult, young adult,
        college/career groups; "Meet & Greet" series which intro-
        duces artists to the area.                             

8. When will concerts and events be available?
    A. Spring of 2016.  We would like to be involved 120 days prior
        to the concert/event date.  

9. What type/genre' of artist will WITW support?
    A.  While we want to be open to the public's likes and dis-
         likes, for the most part we will target
         contemporary/pop, adult contemporary, praise & 
         worship, inspirational, youth, and soft rock. 

10. What ticket prices can I expect to pay?
    A.  Between $10. and $50, depending on the artist and the
         audience size.

11. Is WITW a concert promoter?
     A. Yes & No. WITW will assume that role if no one else will.

12. Is it possible for the church/sponsor to lose money on a 
     concert/event that involves WITW?
     A. From a practical viewpoint, no.  If the sponsor makes
        unilateral decisions which were not agreed to and/or
        deviate from the signed contract, there is a possibility 
        they could pay an unexpected expense.

13. Is there a written contract available to the host and/or
     promoting church guaranteeing the payment of their ex-
     penses directly related to a specific benefit concert or
     A. Yes.

                                        W.I.T.W., Inc.
                                      8838 Hunter Pass
                                      Alpine, CA 91901

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