Concert Loop

“In The Concert Loop”

Would you like to be in the Christian Concert Loop??         (Entertainment, music, comedy, conferences, workshops and more!!!!!!!!!)

You are invited to Christian entertainment held at local community churches and venues. As a supporter, you will be asked to commit to help promote the concerts.  The possibilities are  that several hundred people could attend a concert/event and realize Jesus for the first time with your support.



1. The selection committee will plan an event with cost. For example, 4 tickets would sell for $10.00.-$15.00 per ticket.   Or for a headline artist, 4 tickets for $20.00.-$25.00 per ticket.

2. You will get an email reminding you to purchase your tickets for the upcoming event.  In the case of a concert, it will also tell you future artists’ dates, venues, and prices, if available.

3. Now begins a process we call “the phone tree loop”:

·        You call 5 friends to be on your phone list. These will probably be friends who are interested in concerts/events and outreach.

·        After you tell your 5 friends about the concert, they call their 5 friends whom they picked. Those people call their 5 friends and so on. The process can continue way beyond you, potentially reaching hundreds of people. Each person gets a personal invite.

4. To be in the concert loop you are committing to go to half of the concerts within a 25-30 mile radius of your area and be a part of the ”phone tree loop”. We are trying to facilitate 3-4 concerts per year in the East Bay, preferably between Spring and Fall. 

5. As a concert loop associate, you can’t buy one ticket.  You have to buy them in groups of 2 or more. The idea is for you to invite neighbors, business associates, friends and family as your guest.

We want you to pray about the outreach part of this ministry. We encourage you to see if God is connecting you to a non-believer in your circle of friends, neighbors, business associates.  Invite them to a concert or event.

We will send to you a procedure list. Many thanks to you for your help and commitment to this music ministry outreach.

You are a vital member of the Christian body.  Your giftedness, 
ideas, and suggestions will help this ministry.  Call us if you think you can help.  It takes a lot of people to help make a concert a 
success, but it only takes one concert or event to put a smile on
the face and joy in the heart of those less fortunate than us.  

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