About WITW

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

We are a faith based family reaching out to our com-munity.  WITW is a 501c3 non-profit public benefit  charity.  

Our primary purpose is to develop relationships through benefit concerts and events.  A secondary purpose is to develop within our youth a Biblical attitude toward good stewardship.  There is no charge for our services.

Contemporary Christian Concerts and Events 

We work together to bring the type of artist/speaker you want for your benefit concert or event.  We can be the concert/event promoter if need be.  We can, also, assist, counsel, advise and manage pre-concert, concert day, and post-concert activities/operations, again at no charge,  from the dream stage, to opening night, to the day after.

Basic Youth Money Skills©

This is an eight day stewardship course for youth (ages 15-19).  Please "click" FAQ BYMS for more information and Course Request form


We encourage churches and booking agents to talk to us about a benefit concert and/or an artist(s) and/or an event you would like to promote.  Contact us at 619-722-7179;  or  witwlol@cox.net











W.I.T.W., Inc.
8838 Hunter Pass
Alpine, CA 91901


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